From the beginning of Ultima Automatic Solutions in 1996, we are used to resolving problems in the world of industrial automatics. Since 2000, we worked with Denkra Sweden, on designing the hardware for their engine diagnostics equipment. Despite the size of our company, we produce over 300 items that are highly recognized and valued by our customers. Our temperature and humidity meters, signal and data converters develop very rapidly.

Using our experience from that period, in 2004, we entered the market with our own product &ndash the Engine Diagnostics Instrument (EDI). EDI is a result of three years of very intensive research & tests. Those test were made in different conditions, on many different ships, in all corners of the world, by people who worked as engineers on those ships. Our goal is to create the most useful and universal device on the market.

The Engine Diagnostics Instrument (EDI) is a system, that will help you make the right decisions. Thanks to it very useful and informative tables, diagrams and measurements, it makes it possible to correctly adjust the fuel quality setting for optimum performance. Of course it will also help you to save costs , that can be sorted into those groups:

  • Consumtion of fuel (savings even 20%),
  • Maintenance cost,
  • Engine failures and its consequences.
Using EDI will also help you with:
  • Increased operational safety,
  • Efficient maintenance,
  • Ease of technical reporting,
  • Longer component life,
  • Early fault detection,
  • Higher fuel efficiency,
  • Avoidance of downtimes.